Our Real Story


I wish this would have been instilled in me when I was younger. But, I feel blessed to be able to share this message with you through my brand, Pynk Eclipse Cosmetics, LLC.

Pynk Eclipse Cosmetics was never intended to be another beauty brand, but a symbol of purpose and empowerment. My name is Sheena Holmes, I am a Beauty Expert and I have worked in the beauty industry for over 20 years. One thing I've noticed is the industry can be very toxic. We live in a world where social media makes you believe that you're not good enough and gives you an unrealistic expectation of beauty. The industry thrives and profits off of showing you who you’re not instead of encouraging you to embrace who you are. That stops with us!

The truth is everyone is beautiful in their own way and it has nothing to do with our physical appearances. You are beautiful because you are you! No one else has your experiences, your goals, or your dreams. Your looks are just a little icing on the cake! Your unique gifts and purpose are what make you beautiful. Pynk Eclipse Cosmetics was created to serve as a reminder that we all have a purpose that is greater than beauty, and greater than ourselves. The Y in Pynk Eclipse is a symbol to remember your why? Why do you get up in the morning? Are you using your natural gifts and talents? If not, what's stopping you? Pink is the color of hope and an eclipse is the symbol of an object blocking a light from shining at its maximum potential.

We were meant to shine, but we all have trials and tribulations that may get in the way. It could be financial issues, a divorce, or even working a job you don't like. Life can be challenging sometimes and it may feel easier to just give up. But you have a choice...you can choose to conquer these obstacles or be conquered by them. Pynk Eclipse means "Remember Your Why and Keep Hope, Even in your Darkest Hour."

We wanted to bring you something different. Our products aren't just about being beautiful on the outside, but about giving you a tangible reminder of how beautiful you are on the inside. We understand that you make our products beautiful, it's not the other way around. Our products were created to be a higher quality and standard than anything you will find in your local store, because you deserve the best. Give us a try today and go live…with purpose.